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Indie game devs! Put your game into our game!

Oh indie games, how we love you. Little parcels of love and art and bytes and bits. We want to play you. We want to be near you! We want you to be IN us! Wait, that sounded wrong, let me back up. Right now we a hard at work on FranknJohn, our own little […]



Hello there! We would like to announce that we will be running a games workshop (no not Warhammer) in the new year! Over the course of a week you will learn the following from the entire bitSmith Games crew: Game Design Production Audio Art Animation Level Design Code Release Support The aim being that by […]


Dont call it a Comeback!

We’re still here! Things have been quiet here in blogland, take it as a sign that we have been busy! Not just a sign, we have been busy! So lets fill you all in on the latest. FranknJohn Announcement! Just in case you weren’t able to attend State of Play last Friday, we announced who […]


Ku: SOTM Available on Desura today

Hey all, Just a quick post to let you know that Ku is now available on Desura! Alternatively you can get the DRM free version right here, on the Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan Page.


FranknJohn: Update 3 – The Feedback Loop

We are slowly emerging from our Zombie comas following a veritable banquet of delicious and nutritious feedback from Rezzed, which fittingly took place in the rather Zombie Apocolypse-esque empty halls of Birminghams NEC arena this past weekend. Where to start! We feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to show FranknJohn at Rezzed amongst […]



June is an action-packed month for the bitSmithers, with three!! fun filled events taking place across the month. Starting off with ETOO, which took place in London during the 10th – 13th, this event was pegged as the ‘indie gaming alternative’ to the all consuming E3. We we’re lucky enough to be selected alongside the […]


dubLUDO, a new event about gameplay and testing

Hey there guys. I want to let you know about something I am very passionate about. Play. I love playing and playing games. I love our little dev scene here in Ireland and it’s wonderful to see it grow each year, every event I go to I am wowed by a new team or an idea. But something has been missing […]


FranknJohn: Update 2 – How do you make a headless child cute?

So Paul comes to me and says “Hey Baz, I’m thinking of this game where a kid’s head comes off. Can you do a character for him?” After making sure it wasn’t 3.15pm (Paul’s blood sugar dips around that time of day and he gets a little woozy) I asked him a bit more about […]


FranknJohn: Update 1 – Unchained

Hey there! Where has the sun gone?? We’ve been teasing our new game for a little while now and it feels like a good time to give it a proper introduction. We are all incredibly excited about this game and have been bursting to share it with you. ‘FranknJohn‘ is a Roguelike-like Action Game that will […]


Ku: SOTM Available for PC/Mac/Android NOW!

We are delighted to announce that Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan is now available for PC/Mac and Android! You can buy the PC version through Gamers Gate or Steam, the Android version through Google Play or alternatively right here through the Humble Store Widgets below: PC/MAC Android Recommended minimum requirements: Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread), 1GB RAM, […]